Differences Air Conditioner Standing with Portable Air Conditioner

The purpose of making both types of AC is indeed not the same despite having the same function. AC Standing is designed as a true air conditioner as well as Split AC while Portable air conditioners are designed and designed for ease and mobility. From the name alone we can already suppose that the Portable AC is like any other portable device, Dimensional more petite than the standard device, Easy to carry or move and weight is not too heavy. While AC Standing has dimensions and heavier, Certainly can also be carried around or in the move but requires some people to pick it up. Portable AC can be carried with a sedan car even using a motor, while AC Standing requires a boxcar (tub). For installation or service to your air conditioner, then you should use our service that is aircon servicing singapore.

In general, an air conditioner uses indoor and outdoor units. These two units work together to circulate cold and hot air. The indoor unit works quieter with noise levels that do not interfere with human hearing, while outdoor units work noisier. Whether it is Split AC and AC Standing using this two-unit system but not the case with Portable AC. Because not using the system 2 units can make sure the Portable AC sound will be more felt, Some people consider the noise created in this Portable air conditioner is very disturbing.