Some Types of Condoms

Condoms are tools that are used to prevent pregnancy and also avoid venereal diseases during sex. There are several types of condoms. You can buy condoms online on our website, among others:

1. Thin and Ultra-Thin

Thin material aims to imitate sex without any protection, so you can increase the pleasure between you and your partner, In addition, this type of condom can also maintain an erection. But do not worry. Thin material does not mean the protective effect is also as thin. Each condom, thin or thick, has passed various stages of testing and offers equally good protection against the risk of damage, unwanted pregnancy, and venereal disease, as long as these products are approved by the US Food and Drugs Association (FDA).

2. Textured and Her Pleasure

At least 30 percent of women report difficulty reaching orgasm during sex, and this is the reason why so many condoms with various textures and bumps are designed in such a way, to increase the friction experienced by women against the vaginal wall. However, many who report this type do not have a significant effect on the change of sensation during sex.