Game Zone at Universal Studio Singapore

As one of the mainstay tours in the country of Singapore, a place that was founded in 2010 is able to become the favorite object of anyone who visited this small neat country. For those of you who want to vacation to Singapore and taste the exciting rides game in Universal Studio, it will be easier if you use the services of Singapore attractions ticket wholesaler because your tour will be arranged well by singapore attractions ticket wholesaler. Well if you get there, do not forget to come to the rides below!

Hollywood Zone.
Here you will be taken to an atmosphere like Hollywood USA. You will find a path decorated with the palms of famous people. And even at times, you will meet people who like famous artists like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and others. At certain hours in the zone near the Universal studio’s entrance, there is a musical performance and a dance show that is on the mini-stage at the first fork that is very strategic.

New York Zone.
Experience the densest and busiest city in the Americas. There are city skylines, attractive neon lights as well as the outer side of the building (facades) that resemble the atmosphere of New York City, which is actually on the inside is empty or sometimes used as a cafe for visitors.

Ancient Egypt at Universal Studios.
The paranoid royal ambiance complete with its pyramid is dedicated in a zone that is quite a favorite for women tourists coming to Singapore. It is because some handsome actors with high bodies and “six pack” welcome in this zone.