Technique of Promoting Blog Content to Get a Visit Blast

In order to make your blog has a lot of visitors, therefore you have to spend 4x more time to think than when you think about the content creation. Well, if you are a beginner blogger and do not know how to get a lot of blog visitors then the easy way to get it is to use the services of Chad Arrington. But here we also share the other ways that may be able to do by you though it is a bit difficult. Therefore, here are the following reviews!

1. Setting up a ‘feed’ before the content is published
Actually, not every type of contents is popular. Therefore, the topic of your content must be urgent. Topics that make others feel they should read right now. Better still topics that can make them think “my friends should read this too!”. As for the content, should be credible, meaning there is data/facts from reliable sources. Practical, meaning can be done directly by the reader. And the last emotional, that is to provoke positive/negative emotions.

2. Create an email list and send it whenever there is new content
By building an email list, your content promotion efforts are many times easier. Imagine you get 1000 visitors from various places. Without an email list, it means that 1000 people will leave. So next time you promote the content you have to search for them again.

3. Get follower and post content on social media
There are 2 things you should consider in using social media, first, never buy follower / like. Second, do not just share links from your own website only. So, you should not use the title of the article as the content of your tweet or status. Describe content with short, but interesting. Use 3 different contexts if you schedule 3 updates. The principle of 2: 1: 1 ratio, 2 times share other people’s content, 1 times share own content, 1-time update without a link. The use of images proved to increase the number of clicks on social media.